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Sedation Dentistry services offered in Houston and Pearland, TX

If you or your child experiences dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can help you relax while receiving oral health care. At TLN Family Dental, general and cosmetic dentists Tammeka Nickleberry, DDS, Esther Oluwo, DDS, Taylor Provost, DDS, and Precious Ude, DDS, provide sedation dentistry to ensure a comfortable and seamless experience. To make an appointment, call the nearest office in Houston or Pearland, Texas, or book online today.

Sedation Dentistry Q&A

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses prescription medication or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to make oral health care more comfortable. Often, it’s called sleep dentistry, but that description isn’t entirely accurate. 

Sedation dentistry does make you drowsy, but it won’t necessarily cause you to lose consciousness. Your dentist can nudge you awake during treatment if they need you to change positions or follow instructions.

Who is a candidate for sedation dentistry?

You might be a candidate for sedation dentistry at TLN Family Dental if you have:

  • A low pain threshold
  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • A sensitive gag reflex
  • A large amount of dental work needed  

TLN Family Dental also offers sedation dentistry to children and teens. If your little one is scared of visiting the dentist, sedation can help them have a more enjoyable experience.

What are the types of sedation dentistry?

TLN Family Dental offers several types of sedation dentistry, including:

Inhaled sedation (nitrous oxide)

During inhaled sedation, you wear a mask over your mouth and nose, and breathe in the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen. Once the gas enters your body, it causes you to feel happy and at ease. Nitrous oxide wears off quickly, so you can drive or return to work and other activities after. 

Oral sedation

Oral sedation uses prescription medication to help you relax during a dental appointment. Prior to treatment, your TLN Family Dental provider writes you a prescription for medication. You pick it up at a pharmacy and take it an hour before your appointment.


When you arrive at the office, you start feeling drowsy. After the medication sets in, your provider performs the procedure. Oral sedation takes several hours to wear off, so you need a friend or family member to drive you home. 

Intravenous sedation

If you need oral surgery or an extensive amount of dental work, TLN Family Dental might recommend IV sedation. IV sedation administers anesthesia through a needle directly into your bloodstream. A licensed anesthesiologist remains on-site the entire time, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Sedation dentistry is safe and typically well-tolerated. However, certain underlying medical conditions may increase the risk of complications. During your initial consultation, make sure to let your TLN Family Dental provider know if you have a chronic health problem like heart disease, kidney disease, or diabetes.

To see if you’re a candidate for sedation dentistry, make an appointment at TLN Family Dental by calling the nearest office or booking online today.