Scenarios for Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Who has ever wanted a tooth extracted? If asked to make a choice, most people would rather leave their teeth where they are. But in some cases, especially when it involves a wisdom tooth, you need to get them taken out to avoid other detrimental dilemmas. Here are a few of the most common reasons for wisdom tooth removal.

-Getting Orthodontic Work Done

Whether you are getting braces, or some other type of dental appliance put in, your dentist may suggest that you get your wisdom teeth out in order to make room for the rest of your teeth to be moved and shift into proper placement.


Many times a wisdom tooth will need to be removed because it is impacted—meaning it is not emerging fully because it is at an odd angle and being blocked by its neighboring tooth. This also means it will be pushing up against it as it tries to erupt.

-Bite and Alignment Issues

There are scenarios where the wisdom tooth rises above the crest of normal bite alignment—meaning that the rest of the teeth do not connect due to a wisdom tooth blocking proper contact.

-Abnormal Protrusion

Cases where the wisdom tooth positions itself oddly in the mouth are not uncommon. Even if there are no bite and alignment issues, a tooth may rub up against the cheek or other structure in the mouth and cause discomfort.

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