Chasity, Manager

Chasity is born and raised in Houston, TX and graduated from
the University of Houston, Honors College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human
Resources. She relocated to Atlanta, GA where she gained experience in
cosmetic dentistry offices and developed her love of dentistry. After 10
years she returned to Houston to continue her career in dentistry which now
totals 20 years! Chasity enjoys reading, traveling and dancing!


CJ, Hygienist

With past experience and knowledge in periodontal and general
dentistry CJ is a seasoned professional who is focused on providing the
best care for her patients she also has experience with OSHA standards for
the dental practice and has worked as a practice consultant. She is an
active member of the Texas dental hygiene association and an alumnus of the
dental hygiene program at Wharton county junior college. Cj enjoys bringing
goodies to the office.