Oral Health Hazards Can Be Avoided

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Oral health hazards can be avoided. Doing your part to keep your teeth safe begins with optimum oral health care habits as well as the avoidance of oral health care risks. This includes the following:

– Do not practice or partake in contact sports without wearing the appropriate safety equipment, including mouth guards, and face masks.
– Do not use chewing tobacco, recreational drugs, or smoke, as they can all destroy your oral health.
– Do not chew on inedible objects such as pen caps and pencils, as they can shift your teeth or even crack and chip them.
– Be careful when biting into excessively hard foods, or you make damage your teeth.
– Never use your mouth to open any products, including bottles or lids. Doing so can lead to an oral accident or injury to your teeth or gums.
– Exercise caution when eating sugary foods, as they increase your chance for dental erosion to occur.
– Avoid wearing mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings, as they can easily cut your gums, cause infections, become choking hazards, or chip and crack your teeth.

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