How to Choose Your Toothbrush

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You know that you should brush your teeth at least twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. However, do you know how to select a toothbrush and how often to replace it? Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry and our team are happy to advise you about toothbrush choices.

Choosing a Toothbrush
Choose a shape and size of toothbrush that feels comfortable to you. The head of the toothbrush should be able to easily reach all areas of your mouth. Pick whichever type of handle (such as gripped or with a flexible neck) you prefer. We recommend that you choose a toothbrush with soft bristles instead of choosing one with medium or hard bristles. Soft toothbrush bristles are easier on the tooth enamel and on the gums. If you have sensitive teeth or signs of enamel erosion, Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry may suggest a toothbrush with extra-soft bristles. You may want to consider a powered toothbrush for your dental hygiene needs. However, if you brush properly, a manual toothbrush will serve you just as well.

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