Fluoride Is Beneficial for the Prevention of Tooth Decay

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The mineral density of your tooth enamel is what gives your teeth the strength to chew food and prevent tooth decay. Unfortunately, the regular consumption of acidic foods and beverages and inconsistent oral hygiene habits can weaken your tooth enamel.

If this process of enamel erosion is not counteracted in some way, it could lead to tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.

If brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste and cutting back on and acidic foods and beverages aren’t sufficient for restoring the strength of your tooth enamel, Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry might recommend a fluoride treatment.

If your teeth show signs of tooth decay or if you’ve struggled with multiple cavities in the past, she might also prescribe daily-use fluoride supplements. This often comes in the form of a concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse that you use shortly before going to bed.

Going forward, you might also want to reconsider some of your foods and beverage choices. Cutting back on these products can help maintain the strength of your tooth enamel. The same is also true for making concerted efforts to improve your daily oral hygiene routine. Along with increased fluoride exposure, this can significantly help preserve the health of your teeth.

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