Cosmetic Dentistry Options

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A winning smile gives you a leg up in social situations. Many people with imperfections like chips, stains or visible old fillings on the teeth in their smile will seek out Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry to give them the winning smile they’ve always wanted.

Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry has training and experience in a wide range of cosmetic restoration options. The specific imperfections you want addressed will determine which products or procedures will meet your needs.

Should you only need to whiten your teeth due to stains from dark foods and drinks, she might simply recommend whitening products or procedures. By determining underlying cause of the stains, you should be able to find the best method to whiten your smile.

If your teeth only have minor to moderate stains, you might be able to gradually whiten them with retail level whitening products. However, in many cases the concentration of whitening agents in these products cannot match the safety and effectiveness of the professional tooth bleaching procedure that Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry can administer.

If your teeth have staining issues as well as chips and visible fillings, Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry might recommend dental veneers. The porcelain dental veneers are custom crafted in a dental lab out of a porcelain that will fit over the faces of the teeth in your smile.

If you would like to explore your options for cosmetically restoring the teeth in your smile, you should call Dr. Tammeka Nickleberry at 713-723-2600 to schedule an appointment.